Prudence ‎– Tomorrow May Be Vanished (1972)

Tomorrow May Be Vanished is the debut album by Norwegian folk-rock band Prudence, released in 1972 on Polydor.

A1. “North in the Country” (4:15)
A2. “Mild Grey Fog” (3:27)
A3. “Tomorrow May Be Vanished” (4:27)
A4. “What Man Has Made of Man” (2:03)
A5. “14 Pages” (4:27)
B1. “Going Through This Life” (4:02)
B2. “Oh, Grandpa” (3:39)
B3. “Lost in the Forest” (2:15)
B4. “Kerre Volin” (4:06)
B5. “Daida” (4:06)

Åge Aleksandersen — guitar, vocals, songwriter
Terje Tysland — guitar, accordion, vocals
Per Erik Wallum — flute, vocals, songwriter
Johan Tangen — mandolin, congas
Kjell Ove Riseth — bass
Kaare Skevik Jr. — drums

Johnny Sareussen — producer
Inge Holst Jacobsen — engineer

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