Powerhouse ‎– Five Plus Four (1975)

Five Plus Four is a library/jazz-funk album by English saxist/clarinetist/composer Al Newman, released in 1975 under the moniker Powerhouse on Peer International Library Limited.

A1. “Five Plus Four” (3:11)
A2. “The Paunch”
A3. “Rough Ride” (2:50)
A4. “Photo-Finish” (2:15)
A5. “Shifty” (2:56)
A6. “Back to Front” (3:14)
B1. “False Start” (2:33)
B2. “Late Summer” (2:47)
B3. “Hole in One” (2:38)
B4. “Injury Time” (3:11)
B5. “Face to Face” (3:34)
B6. “Late Start” (3:05)

Composed By – Al Newman
Sleeve Design – Manetta-Scott
Mastered By – André
Performer – Powerhouse

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