Pleasure ‎– Get to the Feeling (1978)

Get to the Feeling is the fourth album by Portland, Ore., funk band Pleasure, released in 1978 on Fantasy Records.

A1. “Celebrate the Good Things” (3:26)
A2. “Foxy Lady” (3:30)
A3. “Ladies’ Night Out” (4:38)
A4. “Happiness” (3:47)
A5. “Get to the Feeling” (4:21)
B1. “Farewell, Goodbye” (4:55)
B2. “Your Love Means Life (Memories)” (5:02)
B3. “Thanks for Everything” (4:23)
B4. “No Matter What” (4:55)

Backing Vocals – Donald Hepburn, Marlon “The Magician” McClain, Michael Hepburn, Nathaniel Phillips
Bass – Nathaniel Phillips
Drums – Bruce Carter
Guitar – Marlon “The Magician” McClain
Keyboards – Donald Hepburn, Michael Hepburn
Lead Vocals – Michael Hepburn, Sherman Davis
Percussion – Bruce Smith
Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Dennis Springer

Horn Arrangements – Dan Brewster, Pleasure
Strings – George Del Barrio
Art Direction – Phil Carroll
Design – Dennis Gassner
Mastered By – Geoff Sykes
Photography By – Phil Bray
Producer – Wayne Henderson
Recording Engineer, Assistant – Al Schmitt, Jr.
Recording Engineer – Reginald Dozier

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