Ping Pong ‎– About Time (1971)

About Time is the first of two albums by Italian brass-rock band Ping Pong, released in 1971 on Emiliana.

A1. “About Time” (3:47)
A2. “You and Me” (4:04)
A3. “Dark Morning Skies” (2:40)
A4. “Daft” (3:32)
A5. “Confusion” (3:03)
B1. “Drinking” (3:46)
B2. “Someway” (2:42)
B3. “Banshee” (2:46)
B4. “Diamond Seller” (2:41)
B5. “Funny Wife” (4:20)

Mauro Falzoni: chitarra, voce
Celso Valli: tastiere
Paride Sforza: sax, clarino
Alan Taylor: basso, voce
Vittorio Volpe: batteria

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