Picchio dal Pozzo – Picchio dal Pozzo (1976)

Picchio dal Pozzo is the debut album by the namesake Italian avant/jazz-rock combo, released in 1976 on Grog.

Hay Fay
A1. “Merta” (3:18)
A2. “Cocomelastico” (4:23)
A3. “Seppia” (10:17)
—i. Sottotitolo
—ii. Frescofresco
—iii. Rusf
A4. “Bofonchia” (0:51)
Fay Hay
B1. “Napier” (7:22)
B2. “La floricultura di Tschincinnata” (4:23)
B3. “La bolla” (4:29)
B4. “Off” (4:47)

Andrea Beccari — bass, horn, percussion, voice, flute
Aldo De Scalzi — keyboard, percussion, voice
Paolo Griguolo — guitar, percussion, voice
Giorgio Karaghiosoff — reeds, percussion, voice, flute

Leonardo Lagorio — flute, contralto saxophone
Ciro Perrino — xylophone, flute
Cristina Pomarici — voice
Fabio Canini — drums, percussion
Renzo Cochis — cymbal
Vittorio De Scalzi — flute
Gerry Manarolo — electric guitar
Carlo Pascucci — drums

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