Philip Bailey ‎– Continuation (1983)

Continuation is the debut solo album by American soul/funk vocalist Philip Bailey, released in 1983 on Columbia.

A1. “I Know” (4:04)
A2. “Trapped” (5:29)
A3. “It’s Our Time” (3:51)
A4. “Desire” (5:29)
B1. “I’m Waiting for Your Love” (4:16)
B2. “Vaya (Go With Love)” (4:20)
B3. “The Good Guy’s Supposed to Get The Girls” (4:16)
B4. “Your Boyfriend’s Back” (4:55)

Arranged By [Rhythm] – David “Hawk” Wolinski (B1, B4), George Duke, Philip Bailey, Robert Brookins (A2)
Arranged By [Strings] – George Del Barrio
Bass – Fred Washington (A2, A3), Nathan East (A1, B2, B4)
Cello – Earl Madison, Fred Seykora, Ray Kelley, Ron Cooper
Concertmaster – Gerry Vinci
Conductor [Strings] – George Del Barrio (A2, A3, B3)
Contractor [Strings] – Bill Hughes
Drums – James Gadson (A1), Ricky Lawson (A2, A3, A4)
Guitar – David Williams (B2), Irvin Kramer (B3), Mike Sembello (A2, A3, A4), Paul Jackson Jr. (A1, B1, B4)
Harp – Catherine Gotthoffer
Lead Vocals – Philip Bailey
Percussion – Paulinho Da Costa (A2, B2, B3), Philip Bailey
Photography By – Bobby Holland
Piano, Synthesizer, Marimba – George Duke (A1, A3, A4, B2, B4)
Synthesizer – David “Hawk” Wolinski (B1, B4), Robert Brookins (A2, B3)
Tenor Saxophone – Larry Williams (B3, B4)
Trumpet – Gary Grant (B3, B4), Jerry Hey (B3, B4), Lou McCreary (B3, B4)
Viola – Allan Harshman, Dave Schwartz, Pam Goldsmith, Rollice Dale
Violin – Brenton Banks, Irma Neuman, Issy Baker, Marv Limonick, Murray Adler, Reg Hill, Bob Sushel, Ron Clark, Ron Folsom, Sherrill Baptist, Tom Buffum
Vocals – Deniece Williams (A3)

Producer – George Duke
Effects [Sound] – Neiman Tillar (B4)
Engineer – Tommy Vicari
Executive-Producer – Larkin Arnold

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