Peter Milray ‎– New Shapes of Sound (1976)

New Shapes of Sound is an album of library music by English composer Peter Milray, released in 1976 on Music de Wolfe.

A1. “Back To The Front” (2:51)
A2. “Great Adventure” (2:51)
A3. “New Shapes Of Sound” (2:57)
A4. “AC/DC” (2:49)
A5. “Blackwall Tunnel” (2:30)
A6. “Blackheart Woman” (3:48)
A7. “Zap” (4:04)
B1. “Your Finest Hour” (2:25)
B2. “Backstabber” (2:16)
B3. “Worldwide” (3:09)
B4. “Zip” (2:30)
B5. “Simple Life” (2:52)
B6. “Park Lane” (2:46)
B7. “Weekend” (2:51)

Design [Cover] – Nick Bantock
Engineer – Chris Stone
Producer – James De Wolfe
Written-By – P. Milray

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