Peter Hammill ‎– pH7 (1979)

pH7 is the eighth solo album by musician/vocalist Peter Hammill, released in 1979 on Charisma.

A1. “My Favourite” (2:52)
A2. “Careering” (4:06)
A3. “Porton Down” (3:41)
A4. “Mirror Images” (3:51)
A5. “Handicap and Equality” (3:56)
A6. “Not for Keith” (2:25)
B1. “The Old School Tie” (5:07)
B2. “Time for a Change” (3:15)
B3. “Imperial Walls” (4:16)
B4. “Mr. X (Gets Tense)” (5:13)
B5. “Faculty X” (4:58)

Peter Hammill – voice, guitar, keyboards, bass, percussion
Graham Smith – violin (1,3,10,11)
David Jackson – saxophone, flute (2,3,11)
Pat Moran – engineer, mixing

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