Pete Townshend ‎– All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (1982)

All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes is the third solo album by Pete Townshend, released in 1982 on Atco. Recorded with help from sister-in-law Virginia Astley and the ubiquitous Ann Odell, the album displays the Who mastermind’s evolving lyrical insights and instrumental artistry.

A1. “Stop Hurting People” (3:53)
A2. “The Sea Refuses No River” (5:56)
A3. “Prelude” (1:30)
A4. “Face Dances Part Two” (3:24)
A5. “Exquisitely Bored” (3:41)
A6. “Communication” (3:18)
B1. “Stardom in Acton” (3:40)
B2. “Uniforms (Corp d’esprit)” (3:41)
B3. “North Country Girl” (2:27)
B4. “Somebody Saved Me” (4:53)
B5. “Slit Skirts” (4:51)

Pete Townshend — vocals, guitar, keyboards, sleeve notes, writer, arranger
Virginia Astley — piano
Tony Butler — bass
Peter Hope-Evans — harmonica
Mark Brrrescskkiagghh — drums
Simon Phillips — drums
Jody Linscott — percussion
Chris Stainton — keyboards
Polli Palmer — pitched percussion
John Lewis — Fairlight, programming
Chris Thomas — producer
Bill Price — engineer
Chris Ludwinski — assistant engineer
Renate Blaul — assistant engineer
Mark Freegard — assistant engineer
Chalkie Davies — photography, sleeve design
Carol Starr — photography, sleeve design
Richard Evans — typography
Michael Spry — artwork
Ann Odell — brass arrangements
Allan Rogan — brass
Bill Harrison — brass
Keith Smith — brass
Andy Newman — writer
Traditional — writer
Bobby Pridden — supervisor, engineer

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