Pete Brown & Piblokto! ‎– Things May Come and Things May Go, but the Art School Dance Goes on Forever (1970)

Things May Come and Things May Go, but the Art School Dance Goes on Forever is the first of two albums — both released in 1970 — by English quintet Pete Brown & Piblokto!

Issued on EMI’s Harvest imprint, the title-track sets a lightning pace with blazoning fuzz-tones and soaring harmonium amidst cyclonic percussive assaults — an arrangement echoed against the viciously sung pogo-pulse of “Walk for Charity, Run for Money.”

Elsewhere, muted contrasts arise in the fluttery, flute-laced “High Flying Electric Bird” and the laid-back twang of “Golden Country Kingdom.” The pile-driven “Then I Must Go and Can I Keep” — replete with fuzzed-out bass, bendy licks, and melodrama aplenty — is another highlight.

A1. Things May Come and Things May Go, but the Art School Dance Goes on Forever
A2. High Flying Electric Bird
A3. Someone Like You
A4. Walk for Charity, Run for Money
B1. Then I Must Go and Can I Keep
B2. My Love’s Gone Far Away
B3. Golden Country Kingdom
B4. Firesong
B5. Country Morning

Pete Brown – vocals, talking drum, Cornish slide whistle, production
Jim Mullen – guitar
Dave Thompson – organ, piano, mellotron, harmonium, soprano saxophone, bass pedals
Roger Bunn – bass, acoustic guitar
Rob Tait – drums

John Mumford – trombone
Ray Crane – trumpet
Paul Seedy – banjo

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