Penetration ‎– Moving Targets (1978)

Moving Targets is the first of two albums by English New Wave/hard-rockers Penetration, released in 1978 on Virgin.

A1. “Future Daze” (3:05)
A2. “Life’s a Gamble” (2:50)*
A3. “Lovers of Outrage” (3:50)
A4. “Vision” (3:34)
A5. “Silent Community” (3:30)
A6. “Stone Heroes” (3:14)
B1. “Movement” (3:20)
B2. “Too Many Friends” (3:43)
B3. “Reunion” (3:52)
B4. “Nostalgia” (3:47)
B5. “Free Money” (4:20)

1978 shortplayers / b-sides:
* / B. “V.I.P.” (2:30)
A. “Firing Squad” (3:00) / B. “Neverr” (2:12)

Pauline Murray — vocals
Fred Purser — lead guitar; keyboards (B3)
Neale Floyd — guitar
Robert Blamire — bass
Gary Smallman — drums, percussion

Mike Howlett — producer
Mick Glossop — engineer

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