Pekka Pohjola ‎– Visitation (1979)

Visitation is the fourth album by Finnish jazz-rock musician/composer Pekka Pohjola, released in 1979 on Dig It.

A1. “Strange Awakening” (5:11)
A2. “Vapour Trails” (4:44)
A3. “Image of a Passing Smile” (5:38)
B1. “Dancing in the Dark” (5:39)
B2. “The Sighting” (3:32)
B3. “Try to Remember” (7:10)

Pekka Pohjola — bass guitar, producer, piano, grand piano
Vesa Aaltonen — drums, percussion
Tom Vuori — recording engineer, producer
Seppo Tyni — guitar
Pekka Pöyry — soprano saxophone
Eero Koivistoinen — saxophoneA1, A3, B2
Teemu Salminen — saxophone
Juhani Aaltonen — saxophone
Olli Ahvenlahti — piano, bass guitar, grand piano
Tom Bildo — tuba, trombone
Esko Rosnell — percussion
Markku Johansson — trumpet
Aale Lindgren — oboe
Jorma Ylönen — concertmaster
Esko Linnavalli — conductor
Helsingin kaupunginorkesteri — woodwinds, cello, strings

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