Pegauro – Vol. 1 (1982)

Vol. 1 is the singular album by Mexican Latin-psych/rock quartet Pegauro, self-released in 1982 on the band’s own Cactus label.

A1. “Por Siempre en Mis Sueños
A2. “Mas Que un Perdedor
A3. “Que Esta Pasando
A4. “Dame tu Amor
A5. “El Jardin de Pegauro
B1. “Muchachita Loca
B2. “Precasico
B3. “El Planeta Azul
B4. “Opus 1

Bass Guitar, Vocals – Alfonso Miranda G.
Drums, Vocals, Keyboards – Javier Jaurregui L.
Guitar, Synth, Effects – Pedro Ferraez L.
Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals – Jose Luis Lara G.

Cover – Elkan
Engineer – Jose Luis Juarez, Jose Luis Morales M.
Executive Producer – Zoar Palma M. & Pegauro

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