Paul Winter Consort ‎– Icarus (1972)

Icarus is an album by the Paul Winter Consort, featuring the namesake saxophonist backed by members of Oregon. The album was produced by George Martin and released in 1972 on Epic.

A1. “Icarus” (3:02)
A2. “Ode to a Fillmore Dressing Room” (5:32)
A3. “The Silence of a Candle” (3:22)
A4. “Sunwheel” (4:52)
A5. “Juniper Bear” (3:10)
B1. “Whole Earth Chant” (7:42)
B2. “All Mornings Bring” (3:48)
B3. “Chehalis and Other Voices” (5:26)
B4. “Minuit” (3:06)

Paul Winter – soprano saxophone, vocals
Paul McCandless – oboe, English horn, contrabass sarrusophone, vocals
David Darling – cello, vocals
Herb Bushler – bass guitar
Ralph Towner – classical guitar, 12–string guitar, steel–string guitar, piano, bush organ, regal organ, vocals
Collin Walcott – drums, kettledrums, congas, surdo, tabla, mridangam, bass marimba, sitar
Billy Cobham – drums on “Sunwheel” and “Whole Earth Chant”
Milt Holland – Ghanaian percussion on “Whole Earth Chant”
Barry Altschul – random percussion
Larry Atamanuik – drums on “Icarus”
Andrew Tracey – dobro on “Minuit”
Janet Johnson, Paul McCandless, Bob Milstein, Paul Stookey – chorus on “Minuit”
Producer – George Martin

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