Paul Roland ‎– Happy Families (1988)

Happy Families is an album by English chamber-folk/psych musician/songwriter Paul Roland, released in 1988 on New Rose. CD reissues of the titled have paired the album with his 1987 EP A Cabinet of Curiosities.


A1. “The Curate of Cheltenham” (3:00)
A2. “Joumey to the Pole” (4:00)
A3. “Nursery Crimes” (2:05)
A4. “Cousin Emilia” (3:05)
B1. “Builder of Folies” (3:00)
B2. “The Best Years of Our Lives” (3:00)
B3. “Aunty” (2:05)
B4. “Animal Crackers” (2:15)

CD-only tracks:
9. “Beau Brummel” (2:20)
10. “Go Down Your Murderers” (2:25)
11. “I Can’t Control Myself” (2:37)
12. “Captain Blood” (3:16)

Paul Roland — vocals, acoustic guitar, producer, writer, arranger
Cris Randall — organ, harpsichord, bass, keyboard
Mauris Memmond — violin
John Gallagher — cello
Doctor Benjamin Twist — Choir Master

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