Patto ‎– Patto (1970)

Patto is the debut album by English hard-rock/jam band Patto, released in 1970 on Vertigo.

A1. “The Man” (6:12)
A2. “Hold Me Back” (4:40)
A3. “Time to Die” (2:54)
A4. “Red Glow” (5:15)
B1. “San Antone” (3:07)
B2. “Government Man” (4:20)
B3. “Money Bag” (10:04)
B4. “Sittin’ Back Easy” (3:42)

Clive Griffiths — bass
John Halsey — drums
Ollie Halsall — lead guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, vibraphone
Mike Patto — vocals

Muff Winwood — producer
Brian Humphries — engineer
Tony Benyon — illustration
Allen Melina — photography

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