Patrick Moraz ‎– Time Code (1984)

Time Code is a synthpop/modern-rock album by Swiss keyboardist/composer Patrick Moraz, released in 1984 on Lamborghini/Passport.

A1. “No Sleep Tonight (Includes Take Off)” (4:50)
A2. “I Want U” (3:57)
A3. “Beyond the Pleasure” (3:48)
A4. “Life in the Underworld” (4:13)
A5. “Overload” (3:27)
B1. “Black Brains of Positronic Africa” (5:00)
B2. “Elastic Freedom (In Search Of)” (4:14)
B3. “Shakin’ With Passion” (3:59)
B4. “You Are the Vision of My Dream” (4:05)

Patrick Moraz — Keyboards, all other instruments
John Avila — Bass, vocals (A1, A5, B4)

Backing Vocals – Lyn ‘Cecil’ Collins (A1, A5, B4)
Drums – Gregory Scott Alban (A1, A5, B4)
Vocals [Additional Chanting] – Gregg Jackman (A3)
Backing Vocals – Lyn ‘Cecil’ Collins (B2)
Lead Vocals – Kitty Bruce (B2)
Producer, Engineer, Programmed By, Remix – Barry Radman
Music — Patrick Moraz
Lyrics — John McBurnie (A1–B3)

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