Patrick Gauthier ‎– Bébé Godzilla (1981)

Bébé Godzilla is an album by ubiquitous French Zeuhl keyboardist Patrick Gauthier, released in 1981 on CY Records.

A1. “Bébé Godzilla” (5:20)
A2. “Le Grand-maître Orient” (2:18)
A3. “Mixtur-Trautonium” (2:51)
A4. “Benoit et les Riverboppers” (4:10)
B1. “Heldon” (4:20)
B2. “Riding on White Horses” (1:30)
B3. “En passant par la Transylvanie” (4:58)
B4. “Nör” (8:38)

Richard Pinhas — guitar, programming, recording engineer, producer (A1, B3, B4)
Patrick Gauthier — keyboards, marimba, harpsichord, Prophet 5, electric piano, piano, Hammond organ, Polymoog, composer, arranger
Christian Vander — drums (A1, A2)
Bernard Paganotti — electric bass (A1, B1, B4)
Didier Batard — electric bass
Pierre Blanchard — violin
Yvon Guillard — bugle
Alain Guillard — bass flute
David Rose — violin (A3)
François Auger — drums
Benoît Widemann — mini moog
Jean-Philippe Goude — mini moog
Jean-Pierre Fouquey — mini moog
Jean-François Gauthier — Prophet 5
Alain Bellaïche — percussion
Kirt Rust — drums
Steve Shehan — percussion, composer
Patricio Villarroel — tablas
Sylvain Marc — bass
Clément Bailly — drums
Cooky Rhinocèros — slide guitar
Michel Ettori — guitar
Alain Renaud — guitar
Dominique Bertram — bass
Aldo Romano — drums

Yves Chamberlan — producer
Jean-Louis Rizet — recording engineer, mixing engineer, producer
Laurent Peyron — engineer, mixing engineer, producer

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