Patrice Rushen ‎– Watch Out! (1987)

Watch Out! is the ninth solo studio album by American R&B musician/vocalist Patrice Rushen, released in 1987 on Arista.

A1. “Watch Out” (5:26)
A2. “Breakin’ All the Rules” (4:55)
A3. “Long Time Comin’” (4:53)
A4. “All My Love” (4:47)
A5. “Somewhere” (5:09)
B1. “Anything Can Happen” (5:03)
B2. “Burnin’” (5:05)
B3. “Till She’s Out of Your Mind” (4:11)
B4. “Come Back to Me” (5:53)
B5. “Tender Lovin’” (5:03)

Backing Vocals – Charles Mims Jr., Lynn Davis, Patrice Rushen, Roy Galloway
Bass – Fred Washington
Guitar – Gregory D. Moore
Horn Section – George Bohannon, Jeff Clayton, Justo Almario, Maurice Spears, Oscar Brashear, Ray Brown
Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Executive-Producer – Patrice Rushen
Percussion – Paulinho Da Costa, Terry Santiel

Producer – Charles Mims Jr., Patrice Rushen

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