Patrice Rushen – Pizzazz (1979)

Pizzazz is the fifth solo album by American jazz-funk/soul artist Patrice Rushen, released in 1979 on Elektra. The album is the second in her vocal soul/funk phase.

A1. “Let the Music Take Me” (6:51)
A2. “Keepin’ Faith in Love” (4:08)
A3. “Settle for My Love” (5:15)
A4. “Message in the Music” (3:01)
B1. “Haven’t You Heard” (6:45)
B2. “Givin’ It Up Is Givin’ Up” (4:59)
B3. “Call on Me” (6:48)
B4. “Reprise (Message in the Music)” (0:57)

Patrice Rushen — vocals, producer, horn arrangements, string arrangements, vocal arrangements, backing vocals, executive producer, handclaps, writer, synthesizer, piano, electric piano, percussion, tambourine, drums, Clavinet
Oscar Brashear — trumpet, flugelhorn
Raymond Brown — trumpet, flugelhorn
Clay Lawrey — trombone, horns
Maurice Spears — trombone
William Henderson — strings
Jerome Reisler — strings
Barbara Thomason — strings
Harry Bluestone — strings
Kenneth Yerke — strings
Ronald Cooper — strings
Marilyn Baker — strings
Charles Veal
strings, concertmaster
Endre Granat
Carol Shive
Gerald Albright — reeds
William Green — reeds
Freddie Washington — handclaps, acoustic guitar, drums, percussion, writer
Larry Robinson — handclaps
Charles Mims, Jr. — producer, writer
Reggie Andrews — producer
Peter Chaikin — engineer
Chris Gordon — assistant engineer
F. Byron Clark — remixer
Chris Bellman — mastering
Marlo Henderson — guitar
Paul Jackson, Jr. — guitar
Al McKay — guitar
Wah Wah Watson — guitar
Wali Ali — guitar
Melvin Webb — congas, drums
Gerald Vinci — concertmaster
Leon “Ndugu” Chancler — drums
James Gadson — drums
Bill Summers — percussion
D.J. Rogers — vocals
Josie James — vocals
Lynn Davis — backing vocals
Pauline Wilson — backing vocals
Syreeta — backing vocals
Jim Gilstrap — vocals

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