Patrice Meyer ‎– Dromadaire Viennois (1986)

Dromadaire Viennois is the third album by French guitarist Patrice Meyer, released in 1986 on FMR.

The Quartet
A1. “Amusante Clémentine” (5:53)
A2. “Dromadaire viennois” (5:23)
A3. “Rasoir” (8:26)
Cinq Bucoliques
B1. a. “Les flocons d’avoine” (1:11)
B2. b. “La valse lydienne” (5:27)
B3. c. “L’école buissonnière” (2:18)
B4. d. “La retenue” (2:59)
B5. e. “La récréation” (3:33)

Hugh Hopper — bass (A1-A3)
Pip Pyle — drums (A1-A3)
Patrick Morgenthaler — keyboards (A1-A3)
Patrice Meyer — guitar
Didier Malherbe — flute, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Catherine Tantin — vocals (A1-A3, B1)
Jean-Paul Céléa — bass (B2, B4)
Philippe Coutelen — violin (B3)
Kerstin Elmquist — cello (B3)
Lea Lucine — vocals (B3)
Guy Hayat — drums (B4)
Patrick Buchmann — drums (B5)
Florence Antraygues — vocals (B5)
Patrice Meyer — composer
Jacques Dompierre — engineer
Jean Herrmann — photography

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