Pat Travers ‎– Putting it Straight (1977)

Putting it Straight is the third album by Canadian blues-rock/hard-rock guitarist Pat Travers, released in 1977 on Polydor.

A1. “Life in London” (4:20)
A2. “It Ain’t What It Seems” (4:14)
A3. “Speakeasy” (3:18)
A4. “Runnin From the Future” (3:48)
A5. “Lovin You” (4:02)
B1. “Off Beat Ride” (4:36)
B2. “Gettin’ Betta” (4:45)
B3. “Dedication” (7:50)

Peter ‘Mars’ Cowling — bass
Nicko McBrain — drums
Pat Travers — guitar, keyboard, vocals

Tony Carey — mini Moog on “Off Beat Ride”
Scott Gorham — additional guitar on “Speakeasy”
Bert Hermiston — saxophone on “Dedication” and “Off Beat Ride”
Susie McKinley — background vocals on “Lovin’ You”

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