Pacific Drift ‎– Feelin’ Free (1970)

Feelin’ Free is the singular album by English pop/rock foursome Pacific Drift, released in 1970 on Deram.

A1. “Plaster Carter’s U.S.A.” (2:56)
A2. “Tomorrow Morning Brings” (2:35)
A3. “Feelin’ Free” (2:31)
A4. “Just Another Girl” (3:05)
A5. “Garden of Love” (1:43)
A6. “Norman” (3:09)
B1. “Grain of Sand” (2:16)
B2. “Greta the Legend” (5:04)
B3. “Going Slow” (2:56)
B4. “God Has Given Me” (2:56)
B5. “Happy Days” (7:23)

Barry Reynolds — lead vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar
Brian Chapman — piano, organ, harpsichord, vocals
Lawrence Arendes — drums, percussion, vocals
Graham Harrop — bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals

Jack Lancaster — flute
Dave Davani — brass
Wayne Bickerton — producer, arranger
R. Wilkinson — engineer

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