O.W.L. ‎– Of Wondrous Legends (1971)

Of Wondrous Legends is the singular album by the namesake American psychedelic folk ensemble, alternately known as O.W.L. The album was recorded in 1971 and released in 2008 on Locust Music.

A1. “Legends” (4:33)
A2. “A Tale of a Crimson Knight” (4:14)
A3. “Be Alive” (3:52)
A4. “Renaissance & Rococo” (4:23)
A5. “Midnight Carnival” (8:28)
B1. “Dawn of Albion” (3:19)
B2. “Upon the Wings of Gabriel” (3:05)
B3. “Breton Landscape” (2:52)
B4. “Everyman & the Philosopher King” (5:32)
B5. “Peace of Mind” (3:53)
B6. “Salvation Song
B7. “Sunset of Smiles” (2:00)

John Knudson — flute
Al Keeler — vibraphone, marimba, bells, percussion
Sam Larderuccio — electric piano, grand piano
Jim Smyder — bass
Frank Schabold — bass
Steve Kauffman — drums, percussion
Tommy Radke — drums, percussion
Dick Boyell — cello, horn
Ellen Olson — piano
Stephen Titra — vocals, guitar, mandolin, Moog, percussion

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