Orange Juice ‎– Rip It Up (1982)

Rip It Up is the second album by Scottish New Wave/funk-pop band Orange Juice, released in November 1982 on Polydor.

A1. “Rip It Up” (5:19)
A2. “A Million Pleading Faces” (3:15)
A3. “Mud in Your Eye” (3:56)
A4. “Turn Away” (3:19)
A5. “Breakfast Time” (5:10)
B1. “I Can’t Help Myself” (5:06)
B2. “Flesh of My Flesh” (3:13)
B3. “Louise Louise” (2:55)
B4. “Hokoyo” (5:07)
B5. “Tenterhook” (5:00)

Edwyn Collins — vocals, guitar, violin
David McClymont — bass, synthesizer, backing vocals
Malcolm Ross — guitar, vocals, synthesizer, piano, organ
Zeke Manyika — vocals, synthesizer, drums, percussion
Martin Hayles — piano, synthesizer, producer, engineer, arranging

Martin Drover — flügelhorn
Tim Young — mastering
Mel Gaynor — percussion
Dick Morrissey — saxophone
Gavyn Wright — violin
Paul Quinn — vocals
Gwyn Mathias — engineer
Louise Waddle — handclaps

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