Oneness of Juju ‎– Space Jungle Luv (1976)

Space Jungle Luv is the second album by American spiritual-jazz collective Oneness of Juju, released in 1976 on Black Fire.

A1. “River Luv Rite” (8:03)
A2. “Follow Me” (4:57)
A3. “Soul Love Now” (4:50)
B1. “Space Jungle Funk” (9:36)
B2. “The Connection” (3:18)
B3. “Love’s Messenger” (3:01)

Reissue bonus track:
B4. “Love’s Messenger (Instrumental)” (3:05)
C1. “F# (Previously Unreleased)” (3:17)
C2. “Bootsie’s Lament” (7:07)
D1. “African Rhythm’s Chant” (2:03)
D2. “Got to be Right on It” (5:18)

Eka-Ete Jackie Lewis — lead vocals, background vocals
Plunky Branch — tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, percussion, vocals, producer
Muzi Branch — bass guitar, percussion
Ronnie Toler — drums
Ras Mel Melvin Glover, Jr. — lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Rafael Solano — congas
Alfredo Mojica — timbales
Richard Dick Watkins — congas, percussion
Joe Bonner — piano
Lon Moshe — marimba
Al Hammel Rasul — piano, vocals
Babatunde — drums

Jimmy Gray — producer

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