Olé Olé – Olé Olé (1983)

Olé Olé is the debut album by the namesake Spanish synthpop band, released in 1983 on CBS. Most of the songs were written by guitarist Gustavo Montesano, formerly of Crucis.

A1. “Necesito Más” (3:35)
A2. “En el Mayor Secreto” (3:45)
A3. “No Controles” (4:00)
A4. “Alguien” (3:42)
A5. “Todo mi Amor no es Para Ti” (3:30)
B1. “Conspiración (Habanera de Carmen de Bizet)” (3:24)
B2. “Adrenalina” (3:02)
B3. “Mirando la Luna Por la Ventana” (3:52)
B4. “Dame” (3:36)
B5. “Fantasmas” (4:18)

Vicky Larraz — vocals
Gustavo Montesano — guitar
Luis Carlos Esteban — synthesizer
Emilio Estecha — bass
Juan Tarodo — drums

Jorge Álvarez — producer

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