Okay Temiz ‎– Oriental Wind (1977)

Oriental Wind is a collaboration album between Turkish percussionist Okay Temiz and Swedish ethno/jazz-rock ensemble Oriental Wind, released in 1977 on Sonet.

A1. “Tamara-Delihorn” (10:15)
A2. “Fidayda” (4:35)
A3. “Les Noto” (4:30)
B1. “Dere Geliyor Dere” (13:17)
B2. “Sari Kiz” (6:22)

Okay Temiz — drums, percussion, berimbau, kalimba, arranger
Lennart Åberg — tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Bobo Stenson — piano
Palle Danielsson — bass
Hacı Tekbilek — flute, bagpipes, saz

Keith Knox — producer
Rune Persson — recording engineer, mixing engineer

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