Oasis ‎– Oasis (1973)

Oasis is an album by the namesake American psych-folk collective, released in 1973 on Cranbus.

A1. “The Wake” (3:40)
A2. “Caught Away” (3:00)
A3. “Runaway Life” (4:31)
A4. “To Be Born Again” (3:13)
A5. “Indeed Candide” (2:24)
A6. “I Didn’t Like to Tell Her” (5:10)
B1. “We Are People” (5:54)
B2. “Every Way of a Man” (3:02)
B3. “High Revs” (5:23)
B4. “The Other Side” (3:48)
B5. “Queen of My Life” (4:58)

Sherry Fox — vocals
Stephen Barncard — bass
Kelly Bryan — bass
Joel Siegel — vocals, guitar
Carl Tassi — drums
Ted Teipel — keyboards, flute
John Yager — vocals, guitar

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