Nuova Idea ‎– Clowns (1973)

Clowns is the third and final album by Italian symphonic-rock band Nuova Idea, released in 1973 on Ariston Music.

A1. “Clessidra” (5:25)
A2. “Un’isola” (8:00)
A3. “Il giardino dei sogni” (5:17)
B1. “Clown” (10:45)
B2. “Una vita nuova” (5:20 — 2:34–5:22)

Bass [Fender Bass], Sounds [Whisky Bottle], Recorder, Voice – Enrico Casagni
Drums, Timpani, Tam-tam, Congas [Tumbe], Guiro, Crotales, Triangle, Voice – Paolo Siani
Electric Guitar, Shaker [Ka-me-so], Voice – Claudio Ghiglino
Electric Guitar, Twelve-String Guitar, Violin, Crotales, Voice – Ricky Belloni
Organ [Hammond C-3, L-122], Clavinet [Hohner Clavinet], Organ [Eminent], Piano [Pianoforte], Synthesizer [Moog Synthesizer IIIp], Bells, Bongos, Voice – Giorgio Usai

Producer [Produzione] – M Gianfranco Reverberi
Engineer [Fonici], Mixed By – Lino Castriotta, Roberto Di Muro Villicich
Guest [Collaborato], Tam-tam – Flaviano Cuffari
Illustration, Cover – Gianni Zanini

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