Nuclear Assault ‎– Survive (1988)

Survive is the second album by Queens metal band Nuclear Assault, released in 1988 on I.R.S. Metal.

A1. “Rise From the Ashes” (3:04)
A2. “Brainwashed” (2:40)
A3. “F#” (2:36)
A4. “Survive!” (2:58)
A5. “Fight to Be Free” (4:22)
A6. “Got Another Quarter” (0:19)
B1. “Great Depression” (3:30)
B2. “Wired” (3:03)
B3. “Equal Rights” (2:58)
B4. “PSA” (0:08)
B5. “Technology” (3:13)
B6. “Good Times Bad Times” (2:14)

John Connelly — guitar, vocals
Glenn Evans — drums
Dan Lilker — bass
Anthony Bramante — guitar

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