Novela ‎– Paradise Lost (1981)

Paradise Lost is the third album by Japanese symphonic-rock band Novela, released in 1981 on King Records.

1. “Prelude to…” (2:02)
2. “Masked Circus” (3:12)
3. “Get Away!” (2:58)
4. “Miracle” (2:38)
5. “Ruins” (4:02)
6. “Requiem (Part 1)” (5:01)
7. “Requiem (Part 2)” (7:09)
8. “Requiem (Part 3)” (1:48)
9. “The Third Sword” (6:04)
10. “Romance Promenade” (3:36)
11. “Passion for Fashion” (3:32)
12. “Terra” (5:02)

Terutsugu Hirayama — guitar, vocals
Toshio Egawa — keyboards
Hisakatsu Igarashi — lead vocals
Ryuichi Nishida — drums
Ryuji Sasai — bass, vocals

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