Nitzinger ‎– One Foot In History (1973)

One Foot In History is the second album by American hard-rock band Nitzinger, released in 1973 on Capitol.

A1. “Take a Picture” (3:17)
A2. “Motherlode” (3:47)
A3. “God Bless the Pervert” (3:20)
A4. “Earth Eater” (2:55)
A5. “Driftwood” (3:53)
B1. “Let the Living Grow” (3:15)
B2. “The Cripple Gnat Bounce” (2:51)
B3. “One Foot in History” (4:12)
B4. “Uncle John” (5:12)

CD reissue bonus track:
Power Glide

Bass – Curly Benton
Lead Guitar – Bugs Henderson
Lead Guitar, Celesta, Piano, Vocals – John Nitzinger
Percussion – Linda Waring

Musical Assistance – King Erickson, Sneeky Pete, Whitey Thomas
Orchestral Arrangements – Dean Parks
Producer – Jim Rutledge
Engineer – John Wilson
Engineer, Mixed By – Peter Granet

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