Nitzinger ‎– Live Better Electrically (1976)

Live Better Electrically is the third album by American hard-rock band Nitzinger, released in 1976 on 20th Century.

A1. “Control” (3:24)
A2. “Are You With Me” (3:44)
A3. “Live Better Electrically” (2:20)
A4. “Around” (3:53)
A5. “Gimme a Wink” (3:43)
B1. “Yellow Dog” (3:19)
B2. “Tell Texas” (2:34)
B3. “Vagabond” (3:29)
B4. “No Way Around You” (3:41)
B5. “The Writing on the Wall” (2:31)

Backing Vocals – Layton DePenning (tracks: A2, A4, B5)
Bass – Jerry Harris (tracks: A1, B1, B2), John Nitzinger (tracks: A2 to A5, B4, B5)
Clavinet – Kenneth Whitfield (tracks: A2)
Drums – Darrel Norris (tracks: A3, A5, B4), Paul Leim (tracks: A1, A2, B1 to B3), Randy Reeder (tracks: A4, B5)
Organ – Kenneth Whitfield (tracks: A1, A5, B1 to B3)
Steel Guitar – Larry White (tracks: A3, A4)
Guitar, Lead Vocals – John Nitzinger

Producer – Bob Pickering

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