Nirvana – The Story of Simon Simopath (1967)

The Story of Simon Simopath is a 1967 concept album by English symphonic/psych ensemble Nirvana. Clocking in at just under 30 minutes, the album’s songs are tied together by a plot line, making this possibly the world’s first full-length rock opera, predating similar concept works by The Pretty Things, Small Faces, and The Who.

Act I
A1. Wings of Love
A2. Lonely Boy
A3. We Can Help You
A4. Satellite Jockey
A5. In the Courtyard of the Stars
Act II
B1. You Are Just the One
B2. Pentecost Hotel
B3. I Never Had a Love Like This Before
B4. Take This Hand
B5. 1999

Patrick Campbell-Lyons – guitar, vocals
Alex Spyropoulos – piano, keyboards, vocals
Ray Singer – guitar
Brian Henderson – bass
Michael Coe – French horn, viola
Sylvia A. Schuster – cello
Peter Kester, David Preston, Patrick Shanahan – drums

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