Nilsson – Aerial Ballet (1968)

Aerial Ballet is the second proper album by American songwriter/vocalist Harry Nilsson, released in 1968 on RCA Victor.

A1. “Good Old Desk” (2:22)
A2. “Don’t Leave Me” (2:18)
A3. “Mr. Richland’s Favorite Song” (2:12)
A4. “Little Cowboy” (1:20)
A5. “Together” (2:08)
B1. “Everybody’s Talking” (2:41)
B2. “I Said Goodbye to Me” (2:13)
B3. “Little Cowboy” (0:49)
B4. “Mr. Tinker” (2:41)
B5. “One” (2:50)
B6. “The Wailing of the Willow” (1:57)
B7. “Bath” (1:44)

Harry Nilsson — vocals, writer
Al Casey — guitar
Dennis Budimir — guitar
Jim Gordon — drums
Larry Knechtel — bass, piano
Lyle Ritz — bass
Mike Melvoin — harpsichord, piano, organ
Milt Holland — bells, mallets, tabla, timpani
John Lowe — woodwind
John Rotella — woodwind
Jim Horn — flute
Bob Hardaway — saxophone
Plas Johnson — saxophone
George Roberts — horn
Anthony Terran — flugelhorn, trumpet
Carroll Lewis — trumpet
Ollie Mitchell — trumpet
Dick Hyde — trombone
Richard Nash — trombone
Robert Ehevoldsen — trombone
Robert Knight — trombone
David Duke — French horn, tuba
Alfred Lustgarten — violin
Arnold Belnick — violin
Charlotte Soy — violin
Darrel Terwilliger — violin
James Getzoff — violin
Jerome Reisler — violin
Leonard Atkins — violin
Leonard Malarsky — violin
Tibor Zelig — violin
Wilbert Nuttycombe — violin
William Weiss — violin
Jacqueline Lustgarten — cello
Jesse Ehrlich — cello
Ray Kelley — cello
George Tipton — arranger
Rick Jarrard — producer

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