Nik Kershaw ‎– The Riddle (1984)

The Riddle is the second of two albums released in 1984 on MCA. The release trailed his debut by seven months and preceded his third album by two and a half years.

A1. “Don Quixote” (4:56)
A2. “Know How” (4:52)
A3. “You Might” (3:16)
A4. “Wild Horses” (3:59)
A5. “Easy” (4:12)
B1. “The Riddle” (3:52)
B2. “City of Angels” (3:55)
B3. “Roses” (3:58)
B4. “Wide Boy” (3:28)
B5. “Save the Whale” (6:00)

Nik Kershaw – lead and background vocals; vocal percussion; guitar; bass guitar; keyboards
Paul “Wix” Wickens – Fairlight CMI programming; Oberheim DMX programming
Tim Moore – keyboards
Andy Richards – keyboards
Charlie Morgan – drums
Dennis Smith – bass guitar
Stuart Curtis – horns
Dave Land – horns
Pandit Dinesh – percussion
Sheri Kershaw – backing vocals
Don Snow – backing vocals
Mark King – special guest bass guitar (A5)

Peter Collins – producer
Julian Mendelsohn – engineer

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