Night Ranger ‎– Dawn Patrol (1982)

Dawn Patrol is the debut album by American melodic-rock band Night Ranger, released in 1982 on MCA/Boardwalk.

A1. “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” (4:22)
A2. “Sing Me Away” (4:11)
A3. “At Night She Sleeps” (4:12)
A4. “Call My Name” (3:45)
A5. “Eddie’s Comin’ Out Tonight” (4:25)
B1. “Can’t Find Me a Thrill” (3:22)
B2. “Young Girl in Love” (3:35)
B3. “Play Rough” (4:16)
B4. “Penny” (3:48)
B5. “Night Ranger” (4:33)

Jeff Watson — guitars
Alan “Fitz” Gerald — keyboards, vocals
Kelly Keagy — drums, lead vocals
Jack Blades — bass, lead vocals
Brad Gillis — guitars, vocals

Pat Glasser — producer
John Van Nest — engineer
Brian Gardner — mastering

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