Nick Drake ‎– Bryter Layter (1970)

Bryter Layter is the second album by English singer/songwriter Nick Drake, released in 1970 on Island.

A1. “Introduction” (1:33)
A2. “Hazey Jane II” (3:46)
A3. “At the Chime of a City Clock” (4:47)
A4. “One of These Things First” (4:52)
A5. “Hazey Jane I” (4:31)
B1. “Bryter Layter” (3:24)
B2. “Fly” (3:00)
B3. “Poor Boy” (6:09)
B4. “Northern Sky” (3:47)
B5. “Sunday” (3:42)

Nick Drake – vocals and guitar
Ray Warleigh – alto sax, flute
Chris McGregor – piano
Dave Pegg – bass
Mike Kowalski – drums
Dave Mattacks – drums
Pat Arnold and Doris Troy – backing vocals
John Cale – viola and harpsichord (B2)

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