New Trolls ‎– Atomic System (1973)

N.T. Atomic System is the fifth album by Italian symphonic/jazz-rock collective New Trolls, released in 1973 on Magma. Subsequent issues of the album bear the titles Night on the Bare Mountain (PAn, Germany), To Believe Again – Later I Saw – Hibernation (Eurodisc, France), and Una notte sul Monte Calvo (Magma, Italy).

A1. “La nuova predica di Padre O’Brien” (6:40)
A2. “Ho visto poi” (7:28)
A3. “Tornare a credere” (8:30)
B1. “Ibernazione” (5:45)
B2. “Quando l’erba vestiva la Terra” (7:15)
B3. “Butterfly” (8:05)

Bonus track added to Magma version (from 1974 single):
Una Notte Sul Monte Calvo” (3:30)

Vittorio De Scalzi — piano, guitar, flute, synthesizer, spinet, vocals, writer
Giorgio D’Adamo — bass guitar, writer
Renato Rosset — piano, Hammond organ, Moog, Mellotron, electric piano
Giorgio Baiocco — tenor saxophone, flute
Tullio D’Episcopo — drums
Ramasandiran Somusundaran — percussion
Anna — background vocals
Giulietta — background vocals
Piero Darini — backing vocals

Dianluigi Pezzera — sound engineer
Alberigo Crocetta — producer

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