New Musik ‎– From A to B (1980)

From A to B is the debut album by English New Wave/synthpop band New Musik, released in 1980 on GTO.

A1. “Straight Lines” (5:12)
A2. “Sanctuary” (4:15)
A3. “A Map of You” (3:50)
A4. “Science” (3:21)
A5. “On Islands” (4:24)
B1. “This World of Water” (3:39)
B2. “Living by Numbers” (3:27)
B3. “Dead Fish (Don’t Swim Home)” (5:26)
B4. “Adventures” (3:53)
B5. “The Safe Side” (3:12)

Tony Mansfield — vocals, guitar, keyboards, producer
Tony Hibbert — bass
Clive Gates — keyboards
Phil Towner — drums

Andy Gierus — engineer
Rick Norton — engineer
Pete Hammond — engineer
Denis Blackham — mastering

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