New Musik ‎– Anywhere (1981)

Anywhere is the second album by English electro/art-pop band New Musik, released in 1981 on GTO.

A1. “They All Run After the Carving Knife” (4:55)
A2. “Areas” (4:11)
A3. “Churches” (4:53)
A4. “This World of Walter” (2:56)
A5. “Luxury” (3:47)
A6. “While You Wait” (5:05)
B1. “Changing Minds” (4:52)
B2. “Peace” (5:14)
B3. “Design” (3:44)
B4. “Traps” (4:03)
B5. “Division” (4:21)
B6. “Back to Room One” (4:14)

Tony Mansfield — vocals, producer, guitar, keyboards
Tony Hibbert — bass
Clive Gates — keyboards
Phil Towner — drums, percussion

Alan Rear — backing vocals
Geoff Grange — backing vocals
Lee Jacob — backing vocals
Julie Yexley — backing vocals
Peter Hammond — engineer

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