Netherworld ‎– In the Following Half-Light (1981)

In the Following Half-Light is the singular album by American symphonic/hard-rock band Netherworld, released in 1981 on REM Records.

A1. “Too Hard to Forget” (5:17)
A2. “Son of Sam” (6:58)
A3. “Straight into Infinity” (5:51)
A4. “Maybe If They Burn Me” (4:07)
B1. “Isle of Man” (6:11)
B2. “A Matter of Time” (7:56)
B3. “Sargasso” (7:46)

2002 CD reissue bonus tracks:
Cumulo Nimbus
8. “Part 1 The Approaching Storm” (4:39)
9. “Part 2 In the Mist” (2:00)
10. “Part 3 Among the Clouds” (3:41 )


Bass Guitar, Cello – Pete Yarbrough
Drums, Percussion – Greg Schoppe
Keyboards, Vocals – Randy Wilson
Lead Guitar, Effects, Vocals – Scott Stacy
Lead Vocals, Percussion – Denny Gorden

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