Neil Merryweather ‎– Space Rangers (1974)

Space Rangers is an album by Canadian psych-rock bassist/vocalist Neil Merryweather, recorded with his titlesake backing band and released in 1974 on Mercury.

A1. “Hollywood Blvd.” (5:32)
A2. “Step in the Right Direction” (3:41)
A3. “Eight Miles High” (3:36)
A4. “King of Mars” (3:32)
A5. “Neon Man” (4:01)
B1. “Sunshine Superman” (3:50)
B2. “Road to Hades” (4:15)
B3. “High Altitude Hide n’ Seek” (3:23)
B4. “Escape” (3:50)
B5. “Sole Surivivor” (8:05)

Neil Merryweather — bass, vocals
Michael Willis — guitars
Jamie Herndon — Chamberlin keyboard
Tim McGovern — drums

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