Neil Ardley – Kaleidoscope of Rainbows (1976)

Kaleidoscope of Rainbows is an album by English jazz-rock/Third Stream keyboardist/composer Neil Ardley, released in 1976 on Gull.

A1. “Prologue” (0:28)
A2. “Rainbow One” (9:38)
A3. “Rainbow Two” (7:35)
A4. “Rainbow Three” (3:47)
A5. “Rainbow Four” (6:15)
B1. “Rainbow Five” (4:02)
B2. “Rainbow Six” (7:37)
B3. “Rainbow Seven” (11:13)
B4. “Epilogue” (4:09)

Neil Ardley — keyboards, synthesizer
Bob Bertles — alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Paul Buckmaster — cello, producer
Tony Coe — tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Ian Carr — trumpet, flügelhorn
Geoff Castle — piano, synthesizer
Dave McCrae — piano, synthesizer
Roger Sellers — drums
Ken Shaw — guitar
Brian Smith — tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Roger Sutton — bass
Barbara Thompson — alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Trevor Tomkins — percussion, vibraphone
John Taylor — keyboards, synthesizer
Stan Sulzmann — wind instruments

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