Nazz – Nazz (1968)

Nazz is the debut album by the namesake American psych-rock/pop band, released in 1968 on SGC/Atco.

A1. “Open My Eyes” (2:38)
A2. “Back of Your Mind” (3:45)
A3. “See What You Can Be” (2:55)
A4. “Hello It’s Me” (4:00)
A5. “Wildwood Blues” (4:37)
B1. “If That’s the Way You Feel” (4:49)
B2. “When I Get My Plane” (3:10)
B3. “Lemming Song” (4:21)
B4. “Crowded” (2:18)
B5. “She’s Goin’ Down” (5:00)

Robert “Stewkey” Antoni – keyboards, vocals
Todd Rundgren – guitar, vocals, string arrangements, mixing
Carson Van Osten – bass, vocals
Thom Mooney – drums

Bill Traut – producer (A2-3, A5-B10)
Michael Friedman – producer, (A1, A4)

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