National Health ‎– D.S. Al Coda (1982)

D.S. Al Coda is the third and final album by English jazz-rock ensemble National Health, released in 1982 Europa. The album consists of material composed by early member Alan Gowan, who passed from leukemia the prior year.

A1. “Portrait of a Shrinking Man” (5:35)
A2. “TNTFX” (3:11)
A3. “Black Hat” (4:52)
A4. “I Feel a Night Coming On” (6:38)
A5. “Arriving Twice” (2:20)
B1. “Shining Water” (8:50)
B2. “Tales of a Damson Knight” (1:55)
B3. “Flanagan’s People” (7:31)
B4. “Toad of Toad Hall” (5:35)

Phil Miller — guitar
Dave Stewart — keyboards
John Greaves — bass
Pip Pyle — drums, electronic drums

Ted Emmett — trumpet
Annie Whitehead — trombone
Amanda Parsons — backing vocals
Barbara Gaskin — backing vocals
Jimmy Hastings — flute
Elton Dean — saxello
Richard Sinclair — vocals
Alan Gowen — composer
Nick Bradford — recording engineer, producer
National Health — producer

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