Nasty Pop – Mistaken I.D. (1977)

Mistaken I.D. is the second of two albums by English pop-rock band Nasty Pop, released in 1977 on Polydor.

A1. “Dip My Pocket” (2:31)
A2. “Love in the Raw” (3:04)
A3. “Leave It Alone” (3:22)
A4. “Lone Wolf” (2:32)
A5. “You’re Not the One” (3:01)
A6. “She’s Mine” (2:43)
B1. “Mistaken I. D.” (4:09)
B2. “We Don’t Wanna Die” (3:01)
B3. “Track You Down” (3:20)
B4. “Hold On” (2:56)
B5. “Keep Her, Use Her, (Love Her, Lose Her)” (2:26)
B6. “Leavin’” (2:44)

Jon Fitzpatrick — piano, vocals
Steve Grace — rhythm guitar, vocals
Tony Wimshurst — lead guitar, vocals
Keith Wilkinson — bass guitar, vocals
Steve Corduner — drums

Martyn Ford — producer, conductor, string arrangements, French horn
Phil Ault — engineer
Chris Mercer — tenor saxophone

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