Narada Michael Walden – Garden of Love Light (1976)

Garden of Love Light is the debut solo album by jazz-funk/soul musician Narada Michael Walden, released in 1976 on Atlantic.

A1. “White Night” (4:57)
A2. “Garden of Love Light” (4:55)
A3. “Delightful” (4:51)
A4. “First Love” (5:52)
B1. “Meditation” (1:38)
B2. “The Sun Is Dancing” (9:29 — 3:47–6:20)
B3. “You Got the Soul” (3:22)
B4. “Saint and the Rascal” (4:33)
B5. “You Are Love” (3:12)

Narada Michael Walden — drums, vocals, timpani, piano, electric piano, bass, composer
Tom Dowd — producer
Raymond Gomez — guitar, composer
Will Lee — bass
David Sancious — keyboards, electric sitar, fender rhodes, organ, piano
Sammy Figueroa — congas
Norma Jean Bell — saxophone, vocals
Devadip Carlos Santana — guitar
Icarus Johnson — guitar
Jeff Beck — guitar
Lois Colin — harp
Michael Gibbs — conductor, arranger
Cissy Houston — vocals
The Victory Song Nightingales Plus 1 — vocals
Patty Scalfa — vocals
Don Mero — synthesizer
Cynthia Anderson — composer

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