Nancy Wilson – I Know I Love Him (1973)

I Know I Love Him is an album by American soul/jazz-pop vocalist Nancy Wilson, released in 1973 on Capitol.

A1. “We Can Make It Baby” (2:57)
A2. “Morning in Your Eyes” (3:59)
A3. “Don’t Misunderstood” (3:07)
A4. “Are We Losin’ Touch” (2:51)
A5. “I Was Telling Him About You” (3:24)
B1. “Easy Evil” (2:48)
B2. “The Laughter and the Tears” (2:49)
B3. “Can I” (3:10)
B4. “I Heard You Singing Your Song” (2:29)
B5. “I Know I Love Him” (1:13)

David D. Cavanaugh — producer
Don Sebesky — arranger, conductor
Joe Sample — keyboards
Wilton Felder — bass
Stix Hooper — drums
Arthur Adams — guitar
David Cohen — guitar
Hugh Davies — engineer
John Hoernle — direction
Ren Wicks — illustration

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Nancy Wilson
Nancy Wilson (Feb. 20, 1937 — Dec. 13, 2018) was an American soul and jazz singer from Chillicothe...

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